Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view the past orders I made from the previous Highflyshop?

In your customer account lists all previous orders made.


I have a voucher for the previous shop. Is it still valid?

The voucher code from the previous digitec shop is also valid for the new shop. The voucher can be redeemed by clicking on “payment” when placing an order. All vouchers redeemed can be viewed in your customer account. 


Why was my request for payment by invoice refused?

You have to prove that you order as dealers, resellers, employed at a school or a public institution.


I am a corporate customer, how do I activate the payment by invoice service?

If you are a new customer, use the registration form for corporate customers. After doing so, payment by invoice can be requested via eMail. Requests for payment by invoice are checked by us and generally granted. Should we require further information, we will contact you.


I am a corporate customer, why must I provide identification when applying for an invoice status?

It enables us to check whether the individual applying for the status works for the named company and has the required authorisation. This ensures that no abuse can be carried out in your company’s name.


I am a corporate customer who was able to order products against payment by invoice in the past. Why is this no longer possible?

Payment statuses are transferred manually. If you were able to purchase products against payment by invoice in our previous online shop, please contact our corporate customer service. We will transfer your previous purchase conditions to the new online shop.


Is a partial delivery possible?

Generally, our ordering system requires all products to be in stock before shipment is carried out. However, upon request, a partial delivery is possible for products that are already in stock.

If products are ordered from several suppliers that supply customers directly, the products will be shipped by each individual supplier.


In the event of a warranty claim, how do I proceed in the new shop?

In any questions, call our customer service