CHF 187.50 CHF 168.75

CHF 187.50 CHF 168.75

HQ Alpha

The Alpha has been developed to meet the demands of entry-level powerkiting. This rugged and user friendly foil is available in three different sizes to cover a wide range of winds. Simple and stable flying characteristics combined with serious power in stronger winds make the Alpha a great kite for traction excitement.



perfect for beginners
robust materials and workmanship
high quality Dyneema flying lines


Accessories (incl.)

roomy, stylish shoulder bag
quad handles
coloured Dyneema line set
kite killer
ground stake for securing kite on ground
multilingual instruction manual




The wind ranges given are for guidance only. The wind speed in which the kite flies correctly and safely depends on the weight of the pilot, on air humidity, the length and strength of the flying lines, on the use the kite is being put to, i.e. recreational flying, landboarding buggying or other vehicles, and most importantly on the pilots skill.

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CHF 168.75


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HQ Alpha 2.5 R2F
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