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Das Bumerang-Projekt

Der Point Of(f) II

has been revised. The mold was consistently worked out so that the boomerang also looks pleasing and dynamic - as a result he also not only looks like this!

Moreover, it has not only concave beveled edges on the top, but in addition a more bold biconvex profile.

The results speak for themselves! The flight distance AND the (wind-) stability were dramatically increased!

Flew the Boomerang before a circle of about 35 to 40 meters, he crosses now the 60 m mark! People with very strong shedding tickle it even up to 70 meters!

.... And it looks extremely fantastic for a continuous rather low trajectory!

As before, the point must be tuned up to fly its relatively low 60-m path to the end. All you need is the detail included manual.





categorie experienced thrower
material 5 mm finnish birch plywood, 10-ply
mass span: 310 mm, height: 170 mm
flight up to 4,5 bft.
flight range 60 to 70 m; depending on the initial acceleration of the throw
flight duration         9 - 15 seconds (the latter figure applies to MTA tuning)
age NOT a child boomerang!
catch Pretty good 2-handed catch as extremely stable helicopter-style. One-Handed Catch trick even easier.


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CHF 41.90

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Bumerang-Projekt Point Of(f) II (right handed)
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