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Das Bumerang-Projekt


The Firecracker par excellence for strong and experienced throwers. This is due to the greater material thickness than the windcheater AT: 5 mm instead of 4 mm with a extremely concave profile. But also to the rear and to the front edges. The bottom side one can almost be called biconvex. Very strong washouts on the trailing edges down on both wings, which are also formed concave, like the Bevel to arm 2 take care of this incredibly vast, wind stable and smooth precise ride, safe catchable return.

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CHF 29.90

Categorie Beginner boomerang for windy conditions
Material 5 mm finnish birch plywood, 10-ply
Mass span: ~ 285 mm, height: ~ 200 mm
Flight up to 4 bft.
Flight range ~ 50+ m
Flight duration ~ 12+ seconds
Age 12+ (accompanied by an adult!)
Catch Ambidextrous very simple, since the boomerang floats down remarkably stable and fast from above in a horizontal hover - you can not really miss it!
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Bumerang-Projekt Windcheater Ultimate
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