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Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Basket

The Mach Lite, with its durability, portability, and catch-ability is the perfect practice basket and is PDGA approved for certain sanctioned events. The Mach Lite portable disc golf basket comes with instructions on how to play disc golf, as well as instructions on how to play two fun putting practice games, the Around Nine game and the Target game.

The Mach Lite™ portable disc golf basket is compact, light weight and made with high quality materials. The DGA Mach Lite is a full size collapsible disc golf target that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding basket assembly and folding support base. The basket comes with a carrying bag for easy carrying and for compact storing when not in use. The Mach Lite is for people looking for a high quality portable disc golf practice basket with the added advantage of being able to fold up like an umbrella for storage and easier carrying.

The Mach Lite portable disc golf basket has patented sliding links connecting 16 strands of chain and the same catching area as a permanent style disc golf basket. The outer chains use DGA’s patented sliding links to help catch discs from all angles of throw. The inner chains attach below the basket support ribs preventing the chain from riding up the pole. This design helps prevent a thrown disc from pushing through the chain strands and out the back of the catching area. The one of a kind patented chain design allows the Mach Lite to use less chain to catch discs better than baskets with more chain. Less chain while not sacrificing performance, keeps the basket lighter and easier to carry.



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CHF 250.00


PDGA Approved Sturdy steel frame
Portable Disc Golf Basket 16 heavy-duty chains
Great Practice Basket Patented sliding links
Folding basket, base, and top Durable carrying bag with shoulder strap

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DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Basket
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