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Discraft Big Z Drone

Discraft Big Z Drone

Big Z Collection


Midrange Driver

In windier places the Drone is like no other midrange for its ability to fight any headwind and not turn over. Very overstable, best for advanced players and forehand approaches.

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CHF 21.90

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Disc Drone
Linie Z, FLX, Ti
Distanz Midrange Driver
Stabilität 2,5
Gewicht 170+ g
Geeignet Windy Approuches
Eigenschaften Rip it hard and don't worry about it turning over in a headwind


Super grip plastic High durability Highest durability
A rainbow of colors Excelent grip, even wet Vibrant transulent colors
Great for beginners or pros More consistent flights than D Choice of pros under normal -
Best value Superb value   conditions
Advanced polymer plastic Best all-weather Ultra-premium plastic
Grippier than Z plastic Grippable even when wet Pro grip and durability
Higher durability than X High-flex version of ESP Uniquely cool appearance

Retains its form and durability Highest performance blend

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Discraft Big Z Drone

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