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Discraft Z Nuke OS

Discraft Z Nuke OS


Nuke OS™

Distance Driver

Big D for big arms: created for expert players and windy conditions, NUKE OS (Over Stable) is a super fast driver that rewards power throwers with insane distance potential. Will finish on a hyzer even in strong winds, and offers the most dependable consistency of any high speed driver on the market.



Disc Nuke OS™
Line Z
Class Distance Driver
Stability 2,2
Weights 164 to 174 g
Best for Ultra distance
Notable Super fast and overstable for power throwers and windy conditions.


Plastic Blends

Super grip plastic High durability Highest durability
A rainbow of colors Excelent grip, even wet Vibrant transulent colors
Great for beginners or pros More consistent flights than D Choice of pros under normal -
Best value Superb value   conditions

Advanced polymer plastic Best all-weather Ultra-premium plastic
Grippier than Z plastic Grippable even when wet Pro grip and durability
Higher durability than X High-flex version of ESP Uniquely cool appearance
  Retains its form and durability Highest performance blend


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CHF 21.90

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Discraft Z Nuke OS

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