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The Sky-Styler 160


is the choice of freestylers around the world. It's perfectly weighted for brushing and guiding, and has been used by more World Champion Freestylers than any other. Not for pros only though... it's also an excellent all-around catch disc.

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CHF 19.20

Size Ø 27 cm
Weight 160 gramm
Material Plastic Sky-Star
Age 14 +
Features Freestylers choise with more world titles in the 1990s than any other. Great for the beach too.

Freestyle Frisbee

Flying disc freestyle, also known as freestyle Frisbee in reference to the trademarked brand name, is a sport and performing art characterized by creative, acrobatic, and athletic maneuvers with a flying disc. Freestyle is performed individually or more commonly in groups, both competitively and recreationally.

The Freestyle Players Association (FPA) is the governing body of freestyle, “dedicated to the growth of freestyle disc play as a lifetime recreation and competitive sport.”[1] The organization is involved in international tournaments and rankings as well as education grants and promotional activities. Every year, the FPA holds a world championship with divisions in Open Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Open Co-op, and Women’s Pairs. Competitive freestyle is usually judged on execution, difficulty, and artistic impression by a panel of players.

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Discraft Sky-Styler 160 - Rasta
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