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CHF 23.00

Duncan Hayabusa SL™

Off-String yo-yo play takes a durable yo-yo to withstand the drops and impacts that occur often during off-string play and Hayabusa™ is ready to fly with its durable polycarbonate body, high speed ball-bearing axle, and wide body shape that make off-string tosses and catches much easier to perform. Hayabusa's slim string gap and 3 hole triad response make it perfect for off-string play and includes extra spacers and silicone sticker response pads for total customization of response during play. The SL steps away from its older brother (the regular Hayabusa) by changing its outer rim to a high resistance rubber for a little more cushion on those harsh drops.



Form:  Butterfly
Material:  Plastic
Weightt:  69 g
Width 46.7 mm
Diameter:  65.27 mm
Bearing Duncan Type A Ball Bearing
Response:  Friction Stickers
Age: 8 +



Caution! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Long cord! Strangulation! Choking hazard due to small parts. Packaging is not a toy. Remove packaging before playing. Keep for future reference address.

Further notice: Please pay more attention to the correct string length. Careless use of a yoyo and ground contact may get damaged. Yoyo strings are wear items. Frictions that arise in free-running at speeds up to 10,000 rev / min, provide for a functionally related, huge burden of the cord. Depending on the game duration and intensity of the cord will wear out and tear. Please take enough spare strings you can also buy from us.


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CHF 23.00

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Duncan Hayabusa SL blue/yellow
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