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Innova DX Aviar3

Innova Aviar3

Putt & Approuch

The Aviar3 has the same comfortable grip you'd expect in an Aviar putter but with a distinctive flat top. In the hand you feel the lower profile. It feels fast. Even better, it can handle the speed. Throw the Aviar3 with power, backhand or forehand, and you can trust it to drop on target.

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CHF 12.90

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Name Aviar3
Approved 2017
Diameter 21.2 cm
Max. Weight up to 175 g
Height 1.9 cm
Wing Width 1.0 cm
Rim Depth 1.5 cm
Available Plastics Star, DX
Best Choice for High accuracy approaches, Driving putter, Aggressive putts

Innova DX Aviar3

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