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Innova Daedalus

Distance Driver

Innova’s newest 13-speed driver is coined the Daedalus and it’s now available as a stock Champion release.

This disc flies extremely far. Despite its high speed rating, it’s easy to throw far even with low arm speeds. This disc could be described as a maximum distance version of the popular Star Tern.

Some of these discs are also Blizzard Enhanced, which means that tiny microbubbles have been added inside the rim of these wide rimmed drivers to keep their weights PDGA legal.

The Daedalus is a very useful disc for hyzerflip shots and long turnovers. For those who can regularly break to the 120 meter mark with their drives, the Daedalus works best for massive tailwind shots and rollers.


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CHF 19.90

Name Daedalus
Approved 2014
Diameter 21.1 cm
Max. Weight up to 175 g
Height 1.5 cm
Wing Width 2.3 cm
Rim Depth 1.2 cm
Available Plastics Star, GStar, Champion
Best Choice for Tailwind drives,
  Great glide,
  Out of the box roller
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Innova GStar Daedalus
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