CHF 21.90

CHF 21.90

Innova XT Nova

Putt & Approach

Great for beginners.

A grippy putter with an extremely neutral flight path. Nova flies easily even with very moderate power.

The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology. The flight plate is made from a firm Pro material that's fused to a grippy putter Pro plastic rim. The soft rim absorbs impact and sticks the landing while the firm flight plate allows for powerful throws making the Nova an excellent putter and approach disc.

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CHF 21.90

Name XT Nova
Approved 2013
Diameter 21.3 cm
Max. Weight up to 176 g
Height 2.7 cm
Wing Width 1.1 cm
Rim Depth 1.5 cm
Available Plastics XT
Best Choice for Technical approaches, Accurate upshots, No skip stops
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Innova XT Nova
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