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Innova Star Aviar X3

Innova Aviar X3

Putt & Approach

The most overstable beadless Aviar. Great for headwind approaches.

Aggressive backhand and forehand throws are a breeze with the Star AviarX3. It's the most overstable Aviar model to date, ideal for headwind upshots and drives. It has a similar grip and 3-series speed as the Aviar3 but with more stability. 

Compared to tradtional Aviars, the Aviar3 and AviarX3 feature a lower profile, that gives them an optimal grip for power shots. The AviarX3 works great as a putter, but it's design is prefect for upshots and drives on both backhand and sidearm.

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CHF 19.90

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Name AviarX3
Approved 2017
Diameter 19.3 cm
Max. Weight up to 175 g
Height 1.9 cm
Wing Width 1.0 cm
Rim Depth 1.5 cm
Available Plastics Star
Best Choice for Headwind approaches and drives, Forehand throws

Innova Star Aviar X3

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