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Henrys Python white

Henrys Python white

Henrys Python a firstclass Profi Yoyo

The Python is the ultimate yo-yo for today’s professional. The Python’s playing characteristics bring tears of joy to every professional’s eyes. The Python lies snugly and with optimum weight distribution in the player’s hand. It allows a dramatically dynamic style of playing and guarantees excellent performance. For string tricks, freehand, Triple A and off-string.

The Python stands for yo-yo fun without limit.

Shape: Butterfly
Material: Alu Hubs / silver anodized
Axe: Grease- and oil-free precision ball bearing
Weight: 65 gr
Diameter: Ø 61mm
Width: 35mm
Level: Intermediate, Profi
Gap Typ: Fixed

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CHF 54.00

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Henrys Python white

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