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Double Disc Court

Two teams of two players each stand in their own courts. The goal is to defend a court from an attack by the opposing team. Two identical square courts are located on a level playing field of grass measuring 13 meters on a side. The distance between the courts is 17 meters.

Attacks are made in two ways:

  • by throwing a disc in play into the opponents' court in an attempt to have the disc come to rest within that court without ever having touched out-of-bounds,
  • or by causing both discs to be touched by a player or players on the opposing team at the same time (called a "double").

A team scores a point whenever they make a successful attack or whenever an opponent throws a disc out-of-bounds. The first team to score the requisite number of points as determined by the competitive format wins the game.



Size Ø 23,5 cm
Weight 100 gram




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CHF 8.50

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Wham-O Double Disc
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