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Whiz Ring

Whiz Ring

Freestyle, Airbrush und Body Roll

Ist der Wind niedrig und die Sie ihr Spiel gegen den Wind üben möchten, was sollten Sie tun? Schnappen Sie sich eine Scheibe und spielen mit dem Wind bis zum Umfallen!

Nun ... die Antwort ist der Whiz Ring. Diese Dinge sind großartig. Das Spielen bei wenig bis gar kein Wind sind sehr stabil und korrigieren alles. Was dazu kommt ist, dass die Whiz Ringe ideal für das Erlernen neuer Moves und das unterweisen neuer Spieler.


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Whiz Ring

When the wind is low and you want to work on your wind game, what should you do?
Grab a disc and play the wind to your dismay?

No….the answer is the whiz ring. These things are great. They play in next to no wind, are very stable for wind play, and they are hugely forgiving. What’s more is that Whiz Rings are ideal for learning new moves and teaching new players.


Grösse Ø 24,5 cm
Gewicht 30 gramm


Whiz Ring

To play with a Whiz Ring there are a few essentials to know. The first of which is what spin you will be playing with. Got that? Now decide what direction you will need to hit the ring in order to propagate spin. (For clock spin, right to left, for counter, left to right)

Once all that is in order locate the wind and face it. Give the ring a little toss into the wind with the nose tilted upward so that the ring may return to you. The throw does not need to be very high or too far in front of you. To brush the ring you will need to hit it in the direction of the spin. For clock hit the ring in-between 4 and 6 o’clock. For counter hit the ring in-between 8 and 6 o’clock. The ring should pop back up in front of you after brushing it. It may be necessary to pursue the ring after brushing. After brushing a whiz ring a few times try a catch under the leg. May I suggest a gitus.

For low wind these things are the ultimate. They float like a disc in an 8 to 10 mile an hour breeze at the beach. The time you have to decide what to do seems like an eternity during play. It opens doors that were otherwise locked in everyday situations.

Another nice thing is how forgiving the rings are. A miss hit does not usually end in tragedy (the ring on the ground). It allows for a shorter learning curve because you spend less time picking the thing up and more time absorbing what went wrong with the hit as you try it again.

How many times have you broken blood vessels in your hands during a brushing extravaganza? The very notion turns off the average newcomer. Rings offer a safe and fun environment for new players to try brushing.

For whatever reason, people are always willing to try air-brushing. They are not always willing to try the delay. Rings offer brand new players a chance to have fun without feeling like they are busting your jam. Toss the ring up and stand next to them so that you can correct any errors, and there it is a fun way to jam for the first time. Everyone I have asked to give the ring a shot, has tried. Most have been successful.

Obviously one cannot delay a ring. However the ring forces you to learn how to depend on your wind game. I can’t say enough about limiting your scope of focus. It is for me the best way to improve my skills.

Whiz rings taught me how to chest roll. They taught me how to jelly-roll, leg-over brush, leg-over kick-brush, btb brush, scarecrow brush, and generally enhanced my game. They are hard to catch. So you know if you can catch the ring you can catch a disc. Sometimes I will jam by myself for a couple of hours with nothing more than a ring. These things are great, and I recommend them to everyone who wants to play the wind.

Whiz Ring

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