CHF 76.60 CHF 68.95

CHF 76.60 CHF 68.95

YoyoFactory Aviator


The Aviator pulls influence from some other YoYoFactory models while offering a unique shape and play style. Expect extremely long spin times and remarkable stability, with still enough maneuverability to run through complicated combos.

Luis Enrique Villasenor has dominated the competitive yo-yo circuit throughout 2013, capturing titles at the coveted Bay Area Classic, Mexico Nationals, and placing 3rd at the World YoYo Contest. He throws with more speed, style, and strength than most players who have been at it for far longer than he has. To conclude his most successful year of yoyoing, YoYoFactory has finalized a design with Luis that offers every bit of performance that Luis requires.

Further notice: Please pay more attention to the correct string length. Careless use of a yoyo and ground contact may get damaged. Yoyo strings are wear items. Frictions that arise in free-running at speeds up to 10,000 rev / min, provide for a functionally related, huge burden of the cord. Depending on the game duration and intensity of the cord will wear out and tear. Please take enough spare strings you can also buy from us.

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CHF 68.95

Weight:  68 g
Width:  44.6 mm
Diameter:  56.5 mm
Bearing:  C
Response:  19mm slim Pads
Age: 8 +
Inclusive: String, Trickbook
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YoyoFactory Aviator Splash
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