CHF 138.00 CHF 96.60

CHF 138.00 CHF 96.60

YoyoFactory Supernova


How specific can you get when trying to make the ultimate modern performance yo-yo? Just ask Tyler Severance, it took the World and National champion three tries, but the culmination of his efforts is one of the best playing yo-yos available. After his signature “Severe” and “Severe 2010” yo-yos, Tyler took his ideas back to the drawing board. For the SuperNova yo-yo, Tyler decided to go with an entirely new body style that was almost a combination of his two previous yo-yos.

He also used ultra-premium 7075 aluminum, a wider gap, and a completely redesigned weight distribution. The SuperNova has been chosen by many of the world’s top yo-yo players as their choice for competition and it is now available to anyone who is ready to take their yo-yoing to the next level

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CHF 96.60

Material:  Aluminium
Weightt:  67.5 g
Width:  44.2 mm, 8 mm
Diameter:  56.5 mm
Bearing:  YYF SPEC Bearing Size C - big Response
Response:  CBC Slim Pad Response Pad 1
Age: 8 +
Inclusive: String, Trickbook, Bearing, extra Pads and Multitool
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YoyoFactory Supernova Splash
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